Specializing in Grey market Kubota and Yanmar Tractors

Since 1993 we have been importing and supporting Grey Market Kubota & Yanmar tractors to the North American Market. Providing low cost alternative solutions to acreage owners everywhere. Over time we've equipped ourselves with a library of parts manuals for these tough little guys (They don't make them like that anymore!) Somainly get usede units hail back to the early '70's, over 40 years old and pretty much indestructable. Having said that, some components do wear out over time. The OEM's (Original Equipment Manufacturers) realise this and as such have discontinued some key components that are required to keep these little guys useful, thereby hopefully increasing new sales and hopefully rendering the used tractors obsolete with little or no trade-in value.

That's where we come in! We've alligned ourselves with several aftermarket parts suppliers in North America and overseas to be able to provide you with peace of mind in knowing that you haven't been left on your own. Also whatever we can't get new we can certainly get used, we have access to salvage yards in Japan with 1000's of parted out tractors.

Our Vision

White Horse Distribution

believes that the foundation of its business is to provide excellence in its products through:

  • High Quality and Reliability.
  • Economical and Competitive Prices.
  • Efficient services to the satisfaction of the customers.

Our Mission

To remove the stigma attached to the Grey Market Tractors and to give owners and potential owners some piece of mind in knowing they have someone they can rely on to help keep their machines in operation for years to come.